The Pros And Cons For Children Using Mobile Phones

Recently a survey was taken by a private statistics company in United Kingdom on the cell phone usage in their country. The data was collected for both adults and children. The surprising data that came out for children was eight out of ten children in United Kingdom use mobile phones. The survey for this category was conducted between the age of eight and fifteen. Eighty percent children of this cadre are enthused by mobile usage and the mobile bills increase when they age. Average monthly bill for a child comes around nine British pounds.

It has several advantages and ill effects as well. The advantages are the children will be aware of the latest technologies available in the market. This will help your children to concentrate on particular things which all children love to do. Playing games, listening to music, even e-books are available in the mobile phones. So, in some way your children will be busy with your mobile phone. This may help your children not to deviate and indulge in activities like drug abuse or other illegal activities. Other advantages include it can be used as a safety device by informing their parents about when returning back from school or from play ground.

It is also necessary to monitor whom your children are communicating with. Parents must spend more time with the children explaining the possible problems that can move up using mobile phones. Creating awareness about mobile phone usage and child bullying will help in one way or other. On the other hand some children will get addicted to the movies and games in the mobile phones; this may affect their studies, reduces physical activity of the child and also will lead to eye sight related problems. So, usage time should be scheduled by the parents to avoid unnecessary effects.

Medical science says, highlights two important points which crosses our topic of discussion. The strength of the skull increases when a person ages. So children of lesser age, has a very weaker skull, in the sense developing skull. This is the reason children are most prone to radiation emitted from mobile towers and cellular devices. Apart from this medical science says that children have high ion content in the water inside the body. Due to higher ion content in their body, the radiation also called as electromagnetic force, easily propagates through their muscles when compared to a grown adult.

These are the main reasons why medical department is asking parents to keep the children away from mobile cellular devices. Prolonged exposure and usage by children can cause determent in mental activity or intellect. It is a proven fact and an experimented fact that long exposure of a tissue to radiation can make a tissue carcinomatous. This will result in cancer to the exposed organ. Mobile radiation is said to leave a person with a brain tumor most likely, than other cancers, as the area of maximum exposure is head and its related organs. Therefore care should be taken while allowing children to handle mobile phones.