The Advantage Of Mobiles Phones For Children

Mobile phones are wireless devices invented as an alternative to the traditional, fixed plain old telephone service. Now it is no more an alternative device intended to provide just communication between two. It has now become a part of everyone, from professionals to students, from adults to children. The revolution in the technology of mobile phones has reached a position from nowhere to inevitable. The mobile phone technology is very broad in terms of reach and technological evolutions. So it is better we converge this topic to 'Mobile phones for Children' to focus how good it is important for a children to own it.

Is your child a tech savvy? If the answer is yes, the child must be using a latest mobile phone. It is more than a personal computer, with a single operating system in it. It has multiple interfaces that can connect your child to the internet world through GPRS, WAP, and HSDPA. Most of us aware of GPRS and WAP, but HSDPA is a third generation mobile communication protocol that allows mobile phones to operate at a very high data rate. This makes your children unaware of old internet connections with very low data rate. It is an excellent platform for the children to be aware of the latest technologies that can motivate them in becoming a tech savvy.

How safe is your children? It is very important to ensure the safety of the children using mobile phones. Most of the schools have already restricted the usage of mobile phones among students as it is creating various problems. With a mobile phone in hand your children is very vulnerable to bullying by classmates or from others. Child bullying can be an insulting text, adult pictures or videos. Most of the children will be immature to handle these threats and this can produce serious consequences, sometimes even life threatening. So, parents and teachers should create awareness about bullying and various threats related to mobile usage.

Mobile phones have certainly helped parents a lot. With a daily increase in incidents that are horrifying the parents like child trafficking and kidnaps, mobile phone have enabled parents to contact their children by the push of a button. On the other hand, teachers are complaining that students with mobile devices hardly have their attention in the lectures. Adding to this, the road accidents have increased due to usage of mobile phones while driving. They tend to check their message and attend calls in the middle of driving.

Next important thing to be considered is the children's health. The first attraction for the mobile phones starts with the use of mobile games. It has an average screen size of 4 inches, comparatively very smaller to the PC. So for a child playing games in mobile will tend to affect the eye sight leading to various problems in future. Also mobile phones operates at various radio and microwave frequencies which can affect the brain and damages cell when used continuously. Even though researches are yet to arrive at a conclusion, it is up to the individual to stay safe.