Do Children Really Need To Use Mobile Phones?

A lot of people allow young children to use mobile phones. It is quite common to see children roam with mobile phones. Most of them are found to own a free sim for using a mobile. Children like to communicate a lot about the current happenings with their friends and parents. It is good in a way to encourage them to use mobile phones, but with certain exceptions. It depends on the parents to create a positive vibe for using the mobile phone in the right way. They need to practice children into speaking less over the mobile phone and only in times of need as well.

Currently there are different types of mobile phones that are specially designed to suit the needs of the children. It is about educating them on the exact usage of the mobile phone. Many people tend to spend a lot on their children and present them with mobile phones. These children at a very young age are exposed to harmful radiations that harm the ears. Care should be taken to keep a strict eye on the usage of the mobile phones by children. There are certain key pads that could be locked and would not allow the children to idle away the time with the mobile phone. The responsibility for using a mobile phone by a child would take time and practice.

Most of the children are not aware of the dangers of using the mobile phone. It is quite a common sight for children to have hearing aid problems at a very early stage of their life. This is mostly due to the overexposure of the radiations and continued use of mobile phone. In some cases, there are chances for the nervous system to be affected as well. It would lead to damage of tissues in the brain. Parents should always enforce rules on proper usage and be as a role model for children as well.

It is a fine gift for your children, but ensures their safety as it is more important with the usage of mobile phone. Besides the safety factors, children find it as a safe alternative to keep their parents informed about their whereabouts. In many cases, we find children being kidnapped for ransom and a mobile phone would be of great help in these times. If they lost the way back home or they are caught in a trouble, it would be easy for them to inform about it and parents would be relieved as well.

Mobiles phones can be given to children for emergency usage alone. It would put the parent to rest and they need not worry about their safety to a certain extent. Children should be taught about the various harmful effects of speaking over the phone for a longer period of time. If shown the right direction, they would help the child to grow in a healthy environment. A lot of schools have still not approved the usage of mobile phones by children and it would time for it to be enforced.